Heather Barber
April 2021

So When Can We Do College Visits?

Everyone's been asking, "So when can we do college visits?" Well, the answer is "Not sure". Discover Pathwaze originally published this blog article last March, and although the information is still relevant, there are a few caveats. Read below for some modified ideas on how to navigate this process.

College visits are a crucial component in the decision-making process that helps students discover where they should apply. Even if your student doesn't like a school, understanding why is really important.

When our Discover Pathwaze students go on college visits, we send them with a checklist so they can maximize their experience and work towards identifying their likes and dislikes about each college. 


Consider the following as you prepare for a more virtual experience


  • STEP 1: Set up a meeting with your specific admissions representative.  This will more than likely be done virtually until further notice, but don't shy away! Since this admissions officer is the first person to read your application, it is important to make a connection. The meeting is set up on the premise that you have questions about a specific major program, your upcoming senior schedule, or the application process. After each college visit, always write a follow-up thank-you note. If this school ends up on your final application list, you've already made that connection.


  • STEP 2:  Attend an information session on the college. This will definitely be virtual until further notice. So not everything about doing things virtually is horrible. This is actually a great time saver when doing your research. You can explore several colleges, near and far, and get the information you need. During these information sessions, make sure you ask important questions such as: 
    • What are the main benefits of going to this university?
    • Who teaches most of the classes?  Teaching Assistants (TA) or Professors?
    • What type of opportunities does your Career Center support? What companies are recruiting within my major and on campus? 

Make sure you follow Discover Pathwaze on Facebook and Twitter(@DPathwaze). We work hard to keep our families informed about upcoming college information sessions!


  • STEP 3:  Set up a meeting with a college department that you're interested in.  Again, this will be virtually (it's a total thing now!) Ask questions about curriculum, research opportunities, and student clubs specific to that department. This is also a great way to get to know a professor!


  • STEP 4:  Tour the school.  So this part might be a little different. Currently, some schools are offering campus tours to admitted students (check out DU), however, take advantage of the self-guided tour. This can still provide you with valuable information on things like the size of the campus, walkability, location, etc. It's important to be on campus and get a feel for what it's like. Several schools also offer the ability to connect virtually with current students. At Discover Pathwaze, we have student ambassadors at several different colleges and universities throughout the U.S. We love connecting our clients with our student ambassadors to help them with their college research. It's a fantastic way to gather information and ask questions like:
    • Why did you apply and chose this college?
    • What would you change about this college?
    • What does the college do to promote student involvement in campus groups?

If you're still not ready to venture out, no problem. Take advantage of the virtual campus tour. Check out this comprehensive listing of virtual visits


At Discover Pathwaze, we equip our families with the information they need to make the college process stress-free. Let us help your family make this a fun and memorable experience!

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