College visits are a crucial component in the decision making process that help students discover where they should apply.  Even if your student does not like a school, understanding why is very important.

When our Discover Pathwaze students go on college visits, we have a checklist they adhere to so they can maximize their experience and work towards identifying their best fit university. 

Here’s a list of important tasks that should be planned during college visits:
  • Set up a meeting with your specific admissions representative.   Since this admissions officer is the first person to read your application, it is important to make a connection. The meeting is set up on the premise that you have questions about a specific major program, your upcoming senior schedule or the application process. After each college visit, always write a follow up thank you note. If this school ends up on your final application list, you have already established rapport.
  • Set up a meeting through an interested college department to discuss curriculum and research specifics with a professor.  
  • Tour the school and if possible your specific department.  While on tours always take the opportunity to ask the student guides questions such as:
    • Why did you apply and chose this college?
    • What would you change about this college?
    • What does the college do to promote student involvement in campus groups?
  • Attend an information session on the college as well as the department you are interested in, if possible.  During this information session, make sure you ask important questions such as: 
    • What are the main benefits of going to this university?
    • Who teaches most of the classes?  Teaching Assistants (TA) or Professors?
    • What type of opportunities does your Career Center support? What companies are recruiting within my major and on campus? 
  • Eat at one of the dining halls on campus and strike up a conversation with a student.
  • Tour or at least identify the freshman dorms and make notes as to attributes that you like and the name of the dorms.  
  • Take pictures and notes during your college visits to refer to later as campuses will start to blend together.