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According to data from the First Generation Foundation

  • Nearly 90% of first-generation students from low-income families in the US leave college before they earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • More than 25% of first-generation students quit after their first year of college, 4x higher than the dropout rate for high-income, second-generation students.

Mission and Vision

Through our nonprofit organization, we aim to bridge the opportunity gap and provide a pathway for success to empower low-income and underrepresented youth.

We are committed to building a world where every young person has the chance to pursue a career that brings them joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

What We Do

We know that the best fit careers align with interests, cognitive strengths, and values, regardless of socio-economic status or background. We provide young adults with the resources, tools, and support they need to find their ideal matches. We provide experts in college and career planning to our partners and youth to take the next step.

  • We partner with other nonprofit organizations, programs, high schools, and community colleges who promote equal access to education and career opportunities, regardless of students or youth socio-economic status or background.
  • Leverage assessments and artificial intelligence to identify the best-fit career match.
  • Foster a culture of self-exploration and discovery helping youth identify their passions, skills, and career goals.
  • Provide access to educational resources, training, and mentoring to help our youth develop the knowledge and skills they need to pursue their chosen career paths.
  • Maximize our impact by providing a one-to-many approach tailored to our students / partner needs.
  • Connect young people with professionals and networking opportunities allowing them to gain real-world insight and build professional networks.

Foundation Success Stories

There is no way I would have been able to figure out what colleges to apply to let alone how to apply had it not been for Discover Pathwaze. They helped me figure out what degree I should get, how to apply and transfer my credits to the university and talked with the advisor at the university to understand better what financial aid I’d get. Most importantly they really cared about me and wanted me to succeed. - Ivy (Student)

We will forever be grateful for the support you gave our student. She’s had so much loss and hardship in her life and you cared about her and what she needed and stood by her all the way. - Kim (Ivy’s Guardian)

“BUENO CAMP is very happy to have the support of Discover Pathwaze. Their team has been very generous, sharing their time and expertise to support our college scholars as they pursue the first steps in their career development. Discover Pathwaze has been instrumental for our students’ career development during their first year in college. We are grateful for our partnership and the crucial support of Discover Pathwaze.” -BUENO CAMP Team

“Thanks to Discover Pathwaze, I was able to learn my strengths and skills, which enabled me to reassess my career goals”
Erika Palomares, BUENO CAMP Scholar
“Having the guidance from Discover Pathwaze I was able to develop a clearer view of the pathway toward my career.”
Kiarah Bojorquez, BUENO CAMP Scholar

Our Partners

We are always looking to collaborate with high schools, colleges/universities, nonprofits and other equity-minded organizations. 
If you'd like to discuss partnership in more detail, please contact our Outreach Coordinator: 

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