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Discover Pathwaze is a Colorado-based company, supporting students by exploring their personal strengths and how this relates to career and college choices.

We are committed to ensuring our families have a specific plan that fits their student’s unique social, academic, and financial needs.

Our Services

We help high schoolers minimize the stress and confusion in planning for college.

We significantly reduce college costs by discovering students' best degree/career matches and how to get there. 

We’re experts in college selection and applications.
Discovery Process

Your Career Assessment is the cornerstone of our methodology. It provides students with the confidence to choose college majors or alternative career paths connected with their strengths.

Career & Degree Match
College Matching

This process starts with the Career/Degree Match.  Our College Match service provides your student with a customized list of schools allowing for productive college visits.

College Match
College Application Process

This package is perfect for students who have a college list.  We will guide your student throughout the application process to maximize college offers.

College Application

Over 70% of students change their major once,
costing an average of $45,000.

The Discover Pathwaze Difference

With years of experience supporting youth, we believe that your student is an individual and no one's path is the same. Discover Pathwaze recognizes the importance of students understanding their cognitive strengths, behaviors, and personal interests and how these connect to degrees and careers

Without this foundational knowledge, students spend countless hours and money second guessing themselves.  Our students feel empowered and have a peace of mind to move forward. 

Helping your student discover their difference IS the Discover Pathwaze Difference.

Meet our Team

Student Success Stories

  • Alina

    Colorado College 
    Boettcher Scholar
    “After my house burned down, Discover Pathwaze offered me application support. They kept me on track with deadlines and provided “guidance as I navigated writing essays. Pathwaze alleviated anxiety I had about the process and their support motivated me to get my applications in. Without them, I would have been much more disorganized and stressed. The team is so experienced and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to students who feel overwhelmed by the college applications process or don't know much about it.”


    University of Boulder Colorado
    Boettcher Scholar
    “Discover Pathwaze gave me a really great framework for figuring out what I wanted to do with my future. I came into the process really sure of what I wanted to do and by the end of it had completely switched gears. Being able to talk through my ideas and being able to use the data collected from the aptitude tests to reassure that I was on the right track was really gratifying. Discover Pathwaze was helpful along every step of the way and supported every decision about my future that I wanted to make. By the time it came to applying for schools, I knew how to do any additional research I needed for universities and scholarships. I also had multiple points which I could confidently talk about in my essays.”


    University of Miami
    “Discover Pathwaze served me in their career assessment as well as in creating my college list. They were so personable and insightful in their guidance and advice, leaving me feeling as if I was their only client. They worked tirelessly to account for my desires as well as critically listening to my opinions. The provided services enabled me to feel comfortable in my choice of the University of Miami and their dedication to my smooth transition was a foundation to my experience. I cannot say enough how much I recommend these services, even if you might already know where you're going. Discover Pathwaze also set up a network of students that I was able to reach out to and answered every single one of my questions with perfect clarity.”
  • Roee

    Depauw University
    "I started working with Discover Pathwaze in my junior year, where they helped me in figuring out what I wanted to study and where I wanted to study it. Using the career assessment, Discover Pathwaze helped me consolidate all my academic and personal interests, such as chemistry and sports, into a potential career paths. Discover Pathwaze helped me realize I wanted to study the sciences, specifically biochemistry, and do that on a pre-medical track. Their college list, which aimed to help me find the right school, led me to a university where I could play tennis and receive solid financial aid. Discover Pathwaze significantly impacted my path to college, and I am incredibly excited for what the future holds."


    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    “Discover Pathwaze helped me to explore career options, search for universities to apply to, and helped me through the whole application process. Having an expert opinion helped to keep both me and my parents at ease during college applications, and their communication with them as well as me throughout the process was very important to all of us. I would absolutely recommend Discover Pathwaze. No matter what degree of help a student might need, they'd be able to provide it. Their ability to help me stay organized allowed me to know what was required of me, and their help in our meetings made everything much easier. I can't even imagine what the college application process would've looked like without them.”


    UC Berkeley
    "I worked and Discover Pathwaze from the end of my junior year through most of senior year. They helped me break down the application process into manageable steps that made my goals much more attainable. They took the time to get to know me outside of my academics and helped me create applications that exemplified all of my best qualities. What I appreciated most about Discover Pathwaze was that they believed in me throughout the whole process, supporting my dream school applications but also providing practical advice. I highly value my experience with Discover Pathwaze and couldn’t imagine having done the application process any other way."

Advice from our Team of Experts

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"5 stars for sure. If you are on the fence, don't be. Just do it. Very worth it in our opinion."  
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