Mary Kolbenschlag
June 3, 2017

Your ONE thing

Strolling through the airport, while grabbing mints at a news stand this book caught my eye "The ONE THING - the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results" by Gary Keller. Compelled to open the jacket i decide to make the purchase... "you want fewer distractions and less on your plate... more satisfaction from life and more time for yourself, your friends and your family..." i say, who doesn't want that?!

I'm excited to lift off and dig into these pearls of wisdom that promise me I'll "cut through the clutter, dial down the stress, retrieve my energy and STAY on TRACK". Wow, any ONE of those would be divine!

Pearl one: if today your company (or self) doesn't know what it's ONE thing is, then the company's ONE thing is to find out.

Take away. Yay, we know our ONE thing! It's helping you find YOUR thing. 

But right now MY one thing is to focus on my 16 yr. old niece who is sitting next to me pointing out funny travelers before we embark on our adventure.

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