Merrie Perrey
February 2020

Where To Look For Scholarships

Whether you're applying for national or local scholarships, the key to a successful search process is time and organization! There are many popular scholarship search engines, but one of the best is Going Merry is modeled after the Common Application. After you fill out the personal profile the first time, this site auto-fills all of your pertinent information for each application and even gives you the amount of time it will take to complete. In addition to this great resource, in January local scholarship information is distributed to high schools. Be sure to check with your school's grad center or counseling department to get this information. 

Searching for scholarships can be time consuming, therefore, we recommend students schedule time each week to do an extensive search on what is available. Keeping a detailed spreadsheet to track scholarships you have applied to or will apply to with deadlines and other crucial details is important.  Again, commitment to the process and organization are key components to success in finding scholarships!


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