Heather Barber
January 27, 2021

The Search For College Scholarships

The search for college scholarships is an ongoing process. It takes time and organization. The hunt can be started as soon as the summer before your senior year. Some scholarships might even need to be completed at least a year before you graduate. (This is why staying organized is critical to a successful scholarship search.) But knowing where to look for these diamonds in the ruff is often times the hardest part. 

There are several resources out there for finding scholarships, but first and foremost, you need to make sure they are legitimate - you should never pay for a scholarship! Here are a few resources that you might find helpful.


How and Where To Look For Scholarships


  1. Check with your high school counselor. This is the best and most important place to start. This is where you will find private scholarship information that oftentimes goes overlook and unused. 
  2. Know where you’re going to college? Check with the financial aid office at the school you are or will be attending. 
  3. Remember when you took your SAT and created that #CollegeBoard account? Well, College Board isn’t just good for managing your test scores. They also have lots of great information and opportunities on scholarships
  4. Organization is key to the search for scholarships. Check GoingMerry for an organized approach to looking for scholarship opportunities tailored just for you! 
  5. Finally, let the U.S. Department of Labor lead you to the money! CareerOneStop is their answer to helping students find the money they need to continue their post-secondary education.


These are just a few ideas to help you get started with the process. If this all seems a little too overwhelming, then reach out to us at Discover Pathwaze. We’re here to make the hard parts of the college application process less stressful for you and your student. 

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