Mary Kolbenschlag
June 2017

The 5 Questions

Early in my professional career, I found the following 5 questions in a magazine. I cut it out (see above) and would refer to it, at least once a year, to ask myself these questions about my current job/position.

  1. Does this job allow me to work with "my people" - individuals who share my sensibilities about life- or do I have to put on a persona to get through the day?
  2. Does this job challenge, stretch, change, and otherwise make me smarter - or does it leave my brain in neutral?
  3. Does this job, because of the company's "brand" or my level of responsibility, open the door to future jobs?
  4. Does this job represent a considerable compromise for the sake of my family, and if so, do I sincerely accept that deal with all of it's consequences?
  5. Does this job-the stuff I actually do day-to-day - touch my heart and feed my soul in meaningful ways?

If I answered no to any of these 5 questions, I would take stock of my options and decide to look for a new job or position within my current company. This was something I promised myself to do every year.

I share this with you now since I truly believe it is important to take an 'inventory' of your satisfaction with your career on a regular basis and promise yourself to take action if you do answer No.


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