Mary Kolbenschlag
January 2019

Start With Some Experience!

Choosing a career path is a big decision. Our Career Match service brings self-awareness of the students gifts, talents and strengths, while providing a clear path to the job roles which best fit them.  We often pair the student with professionals to give them insight into a ‘day-in-the-life’ with an informational interview and if possible a shadowing experience.

Before the student meets with a professional, we recommend they research their field on and look them up on LinkedIn and review their profile. They’ll be notified you did, and it will show them you’ve done your homework.

Here are some recommended items to cover in your informational interview:

#1: Start by telling them a little about you and why you are speaking with them.

#2: Ask them what are the major tasks / activities their job entails on a daily basis? About how much time is spent on each?

#3: What do they enjoy the most/least about their job? Ask them to recall an awesome achievement or special day they had?

#4: How do they see this job changing in the next 10 years, do they see it as a growing career field or declining?

#5: If they could go back and do anything differently on this career path, what would they do?

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