Mary Kolbenschlag
January 2019

Nail the daunting Performance Review

1.    Know if there is a skew or ranking.

Those are dirty words, but let’s face it, not everyone can be given the highest rating or review. This is especially true if the results are tied to ‘salary, promotions, and/or equity’.

2.     Know what’s important to your Manager and the Organization’s goals.

We normally understand what we need to do to fulfill our job roles, and as important we should understand what the business objectives are and how your role fits in. Hint: frequently we are not aligned, so ask.

3.     IMPACT and RESULTS.

All too often the discussions are centered on your effort ‘what you did’, but what’s even more important are your RESULTS and IMPACT on the business (this includes, results on Products, Services, People, Process, Sales, you get the picture).  

As you prepare to discuss your review, ask yourself “so what?”…meaning, what was the impact or result of what you did?

If you can’t tie your efforts directly to a result or impact, you should question why you did it.

4.     Moving Forward.

Use this time to think about your job, your role, your purpose. Are you really in the right place? What can you take away to make the next review better?

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