Mary Kolbenschlag
June 20, 2017

My interview with a Millennial about college & career     

I got the rare and wonderful opportunity to spend 3 weeks with my niece Sophia and she gave me a glimpse into her generation. And if she’s any indicator of what they will bring to our economy and society, we are in good hands. They want a lot, they are aware of what it’s going to take to get it, and will work hard to succeed.

Sophia Jaramillo, a true millennial, born in December 2000.

Me: What’s your number one priority for a career? Sophia: something I’m happy doing and fulfilled. I don’t want to be stressed or hate my job.

Me: Are you set on what you want to study in college? Sophia: I know I want to study performing arts, but I am not sure which other careers are right for me. You’ll help me with that!

Me: How important is money? Sophia: Well, I don’t want to be poor but for a while it’ll just be me, and I’m not that expensive (quiet laugh).

Me: do you think education is more important or talent? Sophia: With my current aspirations of performing arts, I think, talent. You either have it or you don’t.

Me: What about a back-up plan, do you have that, just in case? Sophia: Of course, I am going to also study something in another field. I think I’ll need both to make a living.

Me: If you had the opportunity to get a free education at a less desired school versus going into debt to go to the school you want, would you? Sophia: Well that all depends on what I’m studying. If I’m a doctor, let’s say, then having loans is ok. I want the experience too, not just the education. I want to travel, and live away from home and be independent.

Me: do you picture yourself retiring from the company you start with? Sophia: Not sure about that one, if I like the company or job, yes. For instance if I were performing on Broadway, or leading drama in a school, I’d stay forever, otherwise I’m not sure.

Me: If you could sum up your optimal career experience what would that be? Sophia: I want to love what I’m doing, make an impact on people and the earth, and have great relationships with my worker friends and bosses.

I’m so excited to be a part of the journey with Sophia.  Her passion, talent and heart are exactly where they need to be.  Stay tuned. xoxo

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