Merrie Perrey
April 2020

Make The Most Of Summer And Have A Great College Application

Wondering how to make the most of your summer and still support a strong college application?

We've got a few ideas for you!


It's actually possible to have an amazing summer, gain great new experiences, and in turn, help yourself support a strong college application. The summer after your junior year is the perfect time to take advantage of opportunities that will help move you towards understanding more about your potential major, career, and even your personal values. Time goes way too fast in high school, so it's important that your summer experiences be purposeful!

Some things to think about...  

If you are thinking of majoring in engineering, but are not sure what type, the summer is a great time to gather more information on the various fields of engineering. There are numerous local and U.S. based opportunities to get hands-on exposure during the summer. 

If you are going to pursue nursing as a career, then it would be a great idea to go through a CNA (certified nursing assistant) program during the summer. You can work locally and gain clinical experience for a strong college or job application. 

If social impact is one of your values, then utilize the summertime to do heavy volunteering for a philanthropy that you are passionate about.

A fantastic resource for finding all of these summer programs is Teen Life.


The key question to ask yourself is: “Am I utilizing my summer productively in order to gain more knowledge about a major, career or support my values?” If the answer is “Yes!” then you have a meaningful summer experience lined up.  

In addition to having these impactful experiences, the summer prior to your senior year is the best time to complete your activities list, main college essay and Common Application. Discover Pathwaze will be holding Senior Jumpstart College Application Workshops in June, July and August. Each workshop session is 2 days with 5 hours of working time each day. Also, each session has a maximum capacity of 6 students in order to ensure individual attention. See the workshop flyer on our website for more information

Good luck planning your summer! And we hope to see you at one of our summer workshops, too!

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