Merrie Perrey
March 2020

An Important Message From Discover Pathwaze

Hello Discover Pathwaze Families,

We are writing to extend our support to all Discover Pathwaze families since school and college closings are more than likely affecting your college process.

Remember that while many colleges are closing, as of now, most are remaining opening. Either way, the Coronavirus is disruptive for all of us.

As with any part of the college process (and life), we want to encourage you to focus on what you have control over.  Yes, you may be canceling your spring break college visits, postponing an international trip, or disappointed that you can’t compete in a national competition; however, you can still continue the college process effectively.

Katherine Price from College Mindset put together a list of tips, resources, and proactive things you can focus on as we face this time of uncertainty.

For high school SENIORS, final admissions decisions will be delivered over the next few weeks, and you are probably already anxious about determining your future.  If your campus visits are being canceled or postponed, do not plan on stopping by. If a school has canceled an event, they are doing so to protect their community, and you need to respect that.

Here is what you can do instead to gather more information in order to make an informed decision:
  • Ask Merrie or Mary at Discover Pathwaze to put you in touch with a student they know who already is attending the college to get your questions answered.
  • Ask your guidance counselor to put you in touch with students from your high school who are already attending the college to get your questions answered.Or if you know someone, don't hesitate to reach out to them, they are normally more than happy to share with you!
  • Call specific departments and ask questions.  You can accomplish the same goals by picking up the phone. Yes, we know it's not your first choice, but it works 🙂
  • Join Facebook groups associated with the school (specifically if there is a group for your graduating class).
  • Take a virtual tour of the campus, through sites such as YOU VISIT or watch videos through CAMPUS REEL. Make sure you also do online research about the town where the college is located.
  • Review your supplemental essay, especially the “why this college” essay.  Remember what your thoughts were when you wrote it.
  • Trust your gut. You have learned so much about yourself through this process and trust which college feels like it will provide you with a fulfilling and successful college experience.

For high school JUNIORS, spring is a busy time for your college process.  Here are some things you can focus on, as this COVID-19 continues to evolve.

  • Reach out to the Colorado Admissions Representative via email at each respective college and ask if you can schedule a quick phone call or Skype/Zoom conference to get your questions answered. WHAT A GREAT REASON TO CALL SINCE YOU CAN’T VISIT! You can find the CO admissions representative information on the college admission page and if you cannot locate call admission directly to find out who is your contact. Additionally, this will also show demonstrated interest which many schools track.
  •  Continue to research colleges by watching virtual tours of campuses, through sites such as YOU VISIT or watch videos through CAMPUS REEL. Make sure you also do online research about the town where the college is located.
  • Don’t worry about canceled competitions or other extracurricular activities.  Remember that every student is having to cancel plans and change directions. We encourage you to make a list of things that are being canceled due to Coronavirus so you can let colleges know how your plans changed in the additional information section of your application.  Remember, you will need to be specific, so you can’t say,  “I was planning on getting a job, but was not able to because of the Coronavirus outbreak.”  Instead, you would need to say, “I was hired to work at Dunkin’ Donuts in March 2020, but due to the Coronavirus, I was unable to start my job until May.”
  • Right now, a few standardized testing centers in some states have canceled testing. Continue to prepare for the SAT or ACT as planned.  There are always more testing dates.

For ALL high school students…

  • If your school is canceled, make sure you turn your focus to other things (again what you have control over). Get ahead on your homework, do some extra credit, and continue preparing for the SAT or ACT, or Advanced Placement exams (if applicable).
  • Continue to research schools through Guided Path and put in your comments into the discussion tab for each college.
  • Take a deep breath.  If you are feeling stressed about the Coronavirus, talk about it with a trusted adult.  The New York Times published the article, 5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus .  The Center for Disease Control - Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19.

Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions.  We are here to support the entire Discover Pathwaze family. Stay well!

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