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I started working with Discover Pathwaze when I was a Junior in high school, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was able to submit all 10 of my college applications Early Action before most of my friends had even submitted their first ones. They helped me brainstorm and edit my essays, look for scholarships, narrow down the college search, and more. They are not only a wonderful resource, but also wonderful people. Anyone would benefit greatly from working with them.

Erin C.
Colorado State University Honors College, Biology

Discover Pathwaze really opened my mind to what the future could hold for me. Regardless of whether you have found your college or even what degree you want to pursue, they can help you! Finding careers that match your interests can help you decide what your next steps in life should be. It helped me find a list of colleges that included my academic interests, as well as schools in places that I wanted to go to. Discover Pathwaze was there every step of the way to help me understand each college listing and why it would or wouldn’t be a best fit college for me. They also helped me find compatible degrees and potential careers based on my aptitude and my personality. Discover Pathwaze made the college search ten times easier and I couldn’t be more appreciative!!!

Sam G.
Colorado State UniversityPsychology with a minor in Business (concentration in Real Estate)

Discover Pathwaze helped me realize my passion for helping others. Because of their career selection process, I decided that Nursing was the path I wanted to take. They also helped me during the college application process to understand the nursing field and the extra steps needed in applying for nursing school. I recommend Discover Pathwaze to all my friends who are struggling with any part of the college process. They were such a massive help, especially knowing how competitive and confusing this process can be! It would have been a long and scary road with Discover Pathwaze.

Justin L.
University of Minnesota, Direct Admit Nursing Program

Discover Pathwaze gave me the ability to keep myself organized throughout the college application process. They helped me better understand what I could expect from each of the colleges I was looking at. I would absolutely recommend Discover Pathwaze to my friends. They made the college process seamless and helped take the load off my shoulders so I could focus on finding the right university that worked for me.

Steven L.
University of Colorado, Communications (CMCI) and a minor in Business

I really had no clue what I wanted to major in when I started the college application process! After the Career Match assessment, I was able to find a well-suited major for me based on my traits and personality. I love to travel, and I work best with mathematics so international business was the best choice for me. I learned so much about myself from my idea generation skills to my visualization skills which will help me further into my future.  Discover Pathwaze has tools which helped me look into all aspects of a university in one place. I’m sure anyone else who has tried to write their activities list has been startled by the word limit. Discover Pathwaze made it simple for me to understand and helped me make the most of the few words I was limited to. As for my essay, I had access to a multitude of essay formats and techniques and individualized attention which helped me write the best personal essay. As stressful as the college application process can be, it was beyond helpful to have so much guidance from people who know what is best in the college application world. I can’t imagine what I would have done without Discover Pathwaze!

Tia M.
University of San Diego, International Business

I started with Discover Pathwaze after an informative orientation meeting to get me thinking about colleges and careers. I really got into the meat of it with the Jump Start Program, a workshop to complete my Common Application. I spent 4 partial days brainstorming and getting my college essays done, creating my activities list, as well as all the other basics of the Common Application. As a result of getting all my work done in July, I was able to submit Early Decision to Whitman College well before the November deadline. I definitely think the JumpStart program was great for me since I tend to procrastinate. I would highly recommend it! Discover Pathwaze is very supportive and they have a great program for students, whether you are college bound or not. My whole family really appreciated their knowledge and guidance.

Peter N.
Whitman College, Economics/Psychology



Discover Pathwaze helped me with the college matching process. I was dead set on attending UC Berkeley, but knowing myself and figuring things out after this journey, I realized that wasn’t the best environment for me. I was able to sit with someone and talk about what I needed out of a campus and this ultimately helped me make my decision. Also, Discover Pathwaze was extremely helpful with the college application process. They supported all of the pieces of my application, my college essays in particular. I believe that I am going to UC-Santa Barbara because of this process.

Bailey S.
University of California Santa Barbara, Biology/Pre-Med

Discover Pathwaze helped me find exactly what I needed. They helped me see the big picture which enabled me to make my final college decision. Having a second pair of professional eyes was tremendously helpful. The hard work, on both ends, did not stop until the application deadline. I would definitely recommend Discover Pathwaze to friends and family! It was super important to me to have someone who knows what college admissions are looking for and guidance through the difficult college application process. It’s something that can help anyone wishing to continue their education in the right place.

Kyle S.
Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Finance and Accounting

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