Our Mission

We know our youth are confused and overwhelmed with finding their path beyond high school.  

Through our foundation, we partner with other nonprofits to support underserved youth with career and college services.

We provide equal access to information, the tools to discover their ideal career match, and a personalized roadmap to achieve careers with bright futures.

 We are a 501(c)(3)



High school students discover their strengths and talents by taking a brain-game assessment.

  • The results show the careers that best match them.
  • These are delivered on-line with instructional videos empowering them and their mentors to make decisions based on their results.
  • They can see the specific education/training required for those bright careers.
  • We connect them with students/professionals who can share more information on the career/degree
  • Students have access to their results for 10 years!

Their personalized information can help them with school and degree selection, resumes, interviews, and much more!

We support alternatives to college four year degree direction. This includes: Trades, Associate and Community college, Certificate programs, Gap Experience, & Military.

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Our office location is 357 S. McCaslin Blvd. Louisville CO 80027 - Suite 200,

(303) 926-4906