Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my child need to do the career assessment?

We find that the students find it very beneficial to know their strengths as they relate to potential careers. It significantly helps in the college selection and application process.

What does it look like to work with Discover Pathwaze?

Our focus is on you and your family. Our services and pricing are designed to match what you need when you need it. We have fun with our students and make a daunting process less stressful and more effective.

What does the college process with Discover Pathwaze look like?

We break the process into three phases; Career exploration/matching and self-awareness, College Selection, and Application Phase. You get to choose what you need support with.

Does Discover Pathwaze only help students that want to go to college? (What if my student doesn’t want to go to college?)

We know college isn’t for everyone, we support non-college-bound students by determining what path they should take. This includes; Gap programs, Trades, Certificate Programs, Military, and other enriching options.

How can I schedule a consultation to learn more about your services?

Give us a call or fill out the support form. We provide a free consultation to determine what you need and how we can best support you.

Do you support the college application process for international schools?
There are important differences between the US application process and international schools. We support both and make sure you know what’s needed when.
How do I know which package is best for my student?
During our consultation, we discuss your specific needs and have options you can choose from; packages, hourly or a combination of both.
Do you provide references if I want to speak with some of your customers about their experience with Discover Pathwaze?
Absolutely, we strive for excellence and our families are happy to share their experiences with you.
We don’t live near Boulder. Can my student still work with Discover Pathwaze?
We support our students all around the world. We can meet via zoom and we’ve found this is no less effective than meeting in person.
How do you select schools?
We select schools based on a multitude of factors that are unique to each student. These include; financial fit (budget), degree/majors, career matches, social/culture, academic rigor, and much more. Our goal is for our students to find the school they can afford, get a great education that will lead to a fulfilling job, build a strong network by finding their people, and not waste time floundering or stressed because they’ve chosen the wrong school.
Why Us? Why would we choose you?
We are career and college admission experts, we love young adults. We like to have fun and get you where you need to go.
What if I cannot afford your services?
Reach out. We do have a non-profit organization.
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Our office location is 357 S. McCaslin Blvd. Louisville CO 80027 - Suite 200,

(303) 926-4906