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Mary Kolbenschlag and Merrie Perry – Owners

We actually believe we can play a part in making this a better world by helping you be happier with your career. It’s a journey we’ve been on too, and we know how to reduce the confusion and stress. Let’s Discover your Pathwaze together.

Mary Kolbenschlag

For over 25 years, as a business leader I had the privilege of developing thousands of employees. Too frequently, I witnessed the effects of what a bad job-fit (plain-ole-crappy) does to a person: psychologically, physically and emotionally. My mission became an obsession to understand which jobs matches and career paths were best suited for an individual.

It wasn’t just at work, a common discussion with friends was our struggle to guide and launch our children as their anxiety and worry about colleges and jobs grew. I decided to leave Corporate America and focus on our young adults. Research shows if we can start them on the right path early knowing their strengths and showing them their best fit careers, their probability for success and satisfaction dramatically increases. Most importantly, we want to serve the community with our non-profit.

Other miscellaneous stuff: I’ve led several US and global technology organizations at IBM. I have a degree in Psychology and finishing my College Counseling Certificate from UCLA. I am an active member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and National Career Development Association (NCDA). Lastly, you’ll find me exploring the great Rocky Mountains when I’m not doing people stuff. Let’s Discover your Pathwaze together!

Merrie Perry

My passion is making the college application process fun and exciting. The college process need not be a dubious prospect, but an amazing opportunity to get to know your self, and get pumped for the future!  This is why I am so excited about Discover Pathwaze. Discover Pathwaze supports college decisions by empowering students with career path feedback that enables them to find colleges that not only support their personality, interests and values, but also their future career.

Since 2010, I have been involved in the college admissions process through supporting local students at the Mary Power Post Graduate Center at Monarch High School, as well as having been involved in the successful Internship and Career Forum programs at Zurich International School. I attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and received a B.A. in Business Administration. In order to provide even more support for the students I work with, I have a College Counseling Certificate from UCLA and I am an active member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), College Consultants of Colorado, and National Career Development Association (NCDA).

After taking our Discover Pathwaze assessment, students will get an individualized list of college matches and continued support through out the application and financial aid process. Most importantly Discover Pathwaze, will expose you to many amazing career and college opportunities. Which is the best path for you?  Let’s discover together!

Our Team

Josh Kolbenschlag

Chief Creative Officer


Joshua Bowman Kolbenschlag studied business/design at University of Colorado Denver as well as Santa Barbara City College. Entrepreneurial marketer emphasizing in graphic design. Passionate about bringing positive energy and building concrete relationships with clients, partners and colleagues. New customer acquisition specialist, implementing a mixture of online and offline marketing strategies. Well versed in identifying trends and needs of the customers creating targeted marketing campaigns.

Heather Barber



Heather studied Management Information Systems at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She has been a part of the business community for over 20 years and brings a breadth of knowledge pertaining to technology, business management, and marketing.

While raising three teenagers of her own, Heather began substitute teaching for the Boulder Valley School district as a way to keep in touch and learn more about the teenage stage of life. She is also involved with the National Charity League of Boulder County. This organization allows her to work with area youth and stay connected with their families as they grow.

Because of her desire to continue working with students and utilize her business and leadership skills, Heather joined the Discover Pathwaze team as one of our amazing counselors. She enjoys working with students on the career assessment and helping them discover their future self!

Discover Pathwaze team member, Heather

Annamarie Valdez

Outreach Coordinator


Annamarie is a first-generation college graduate. She received a B.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Regis University. While working as a Project Manager in a Global Technology company for over 20 years, she found herself continuously volunteering for a variety of community outreach programs, particularly those supporting underrepresented youth in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related fields.

Annamarie has a passion for servant leadership and has mentored many students, coordinated STEM based workshops, leadership conferences, and career fairs. She currently serves as the Vice President of Finance for the Colorado Professional Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and also volunteers as NOSC (Navy Operational Support Center) Denver’s ombudsman, providing information and support to assist families with navigating Navy life.

It’s Annamarie’s passion to serve her community that drew her to join the Discover Pathwaze team. Her role as Outreach Coordinator is one that will allow her to continue to pursue her passion to serve underrepresented youth, while expanding the Discover Pathwaze Foundation’s reach.

Annemarie Valdez, Discover Pathwaze Outreach Coordinator

Discover Pathwaze Advisors

Gordon Sims


Hi, I’m Gordon. I’ve been fortunate in my career and have been able to work in 4 different industries, in large companies and small ones, and in a variety of functional areas.   The changes have always presented new learning opportunities to satisfy my curiosity and to adapt.  One learning has been that to be most effective and satisfied, it’s important to understand myself well enough to look for positions that fit both my interests and strongest skills.   That learning specifically hit home in one instance about mid-career in which I misjudged that fit!

Over the last few years I’ve been intrigued with the challenges people face in trying to find those good fit positions, particularly as the nature of work has been changing so rapidly.  We regularly hear about the difficulty many young people have finding meaningful work after they graduate from college, but many career changers face similar struggles when they decide they want to seek something new.   I have been researching how I might help people think through the process of self-reflection and exploration to find a new direction that is satisfying, likely to have longevity in our rapidly changing technology and world of work, and provides a nice income.

Not long ago I was talking about my interest with a friend and her reply was “You have to meet Mary and Laura!  They are working on those exact challenges.”  I quickly had an initial conversation with Mary and found that we are very much in synch.   And, voila!  I’m thrilled to be helping Mary and Laura with their extremely important mission.

Bryan Sorge


Early in my career, I was fortunate  to work for Bill Daniels, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and often referred to as the father of cable television. Bill once said, “When you put your life in perspective you realize how little time there is to make something truly significant out of it.”  As I reflect back over the years, I’ve always enjoyed helping young adults discover their innate passions and talents as integral pieces of their career journey.  I firmly believe in what Bill said. I hope that by helping our youth discover and pursue their dreams, I will have contributed a small part in helping others make something significant out of their lives.

Web Maintenance Team



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