The college process is a proactive process,

so let’s take advantage of things we can control! 

Suddenly, we can’t visit colleges due to COVID-19. What can we do? What do we have control over? We can control the amount of time we spend researching, the quality of the research we do, as well as making contact with staff at universities to get questions answered.

Since admission representatives and staff within departments are not able to provide information to a group of students in a physical setting, you can now reach out and make a true connection within a school to show demonstrated interest and to get your questions answered.

Please review the list of actions below in order to continue the college process effectively.
  • Reach out to the university via phone or email to find out if your originally scheduled tour and info session will be replaced with a virtual opportunity. You can call the admissions office directly or find your Colorado Admissions Officer on the admissions page and contact them.
  • Please go onto each school’s website that is on your college list and see if they are holding any virtual information sessions. You should be able to find this information on either the main page or under the admissions tab. You can also schedule a video appointment.
  • Go onto each school’s website and find your Colorado admissions rep and ask the following questions via email or call. (Here are some sample questions)
    • Is there any issue getting classes in order to graduate on time?
    • What are the benefits of being a part of your honors program?
    • Will my junior/senior schedule support a strong application?
    • When do I have to declare my major?
  • Contact the specific department you are interested in (Business, Engineering, Nursing, Neuroscience, etc.) via email or set up a call to get your questions answered about their program.  Prior to the conversation, please do the following:
    • Go to the specific department and review their philosophy
    • Review curriculum (graduation requirements), courses and research opportunities
    • Based on this research, create a list of questions.  If you need help with questions, please let Mary or Merrie know.
  • Additional research from a student perspective can be done by checking out Induck, Niche, or Campus Reel
  • If there is a school that you would like to talk to a student at, let us know! We will try to find a student that can answer your questions!

As always, if you have any questions or need any type of guidance, please let us know! We are by your side to make sure you get the direction that you need to make important decisions during the college process.


From all of us at Discover Pathwaze, stay well!