The planning and application process for college is definitely challenging!  Here’s a general list to help you prep your junior year.


  • Your junior year is weighted heavily for application purposes.  Study hard and focus on keeping those grades up.
  • Make sure your senior schedule is as rigorous as your junior Schedule and supports your career and/or major goals.  This is not the time to coast!
  • Consider which teachers you want to approach for recommendation letters and request them before summer break.
  • If your taking any AP tests, explore tips to study and ace them.
  • Review your activities to ensure they support your career and/or major goals, interests and talents.  Activities should be purposeful, so remember, less is more!
  • Research and apply to summer programs or jobs that are related to your major.


  • Explore college curriculum via college websites and take their online tours.
  • Understand the college admissions process for each school you are considering applying to by searching for their particular application requirements online.
  • Schedule college visits to interested schools. Take a tour and meet with the admissions representative.
  • Research the College Cost of Attendance (COA) at different types of schools. 
  • Fill out the Net Price Calculator (NPC) for each school to understand how much a particular school will cost your family.
  • Attend local College and Gap Year Fairs.
  • Brainstorm Essay Content.
  • Meet with counselor to discuss the college process.


  • Depending on your PSAT score, determine if you need extra help to do well on the SAT or ACT.   Decide on which test to take and prepare, prepare, prepare.
  • Meet with your counselor to organize testing strategies.
  • Schedule a time to take the SAT or ACT (with writing) when you’re fully prepared.


Finally, remember Discover Pathwaze is here to help.  Let us help you with the planning and prep during your student’s junior year. We have the knowledge, technology and processes to ease your stress and support your family throughout the college process!