College Comprehensive Package


This package includes: Career Match, College Match, College Process and Application Support.

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 College Comprehensive Package $3799

Savings of $399

This package includes:

  • Career/Degree Assessment which includes a scientifically validated career assessment, individual interview and debrief session to develop a “best fit” career match report.
  • College Match:
    • Personal College Assessment Survey which includes your preferences on careers, major, academic selectivity, location, size of school, setting, sports, religion, diversity and finances.
    • Personalized list of College Matches that uniquely connects your career path with your personal preferences.
    • Assistance in strategically narrowing down your College Matches so that you have a finalized list of stretch, foundation and safety schools for the application process.
  • College Process and Application Support: 
    • Individualized Application Strategy
      • Design a timeline  to increase the student’s opportunity of acceptance
      • Recommend class schedule and AP college rigor.
      • Brainstorm extra-curricular opportunities both in and out of school.
      • Ensure the career and college selections match you.
      • Plan summers to have meaningful experiences.
      • Assist in initiating contact with the admissions representative.
      • Collaborate on college visits.
      • Discuss teacher recommendation strategy.
      • Determine optimal timing of the ACT/SAT and SAT Subject Tests.
    • Guidance through the College Application Process
      • Organize and prioritize college applications.
      • Brainstorm college essay topics and develop college essay ideas.
      • Assist in Common Application and University based applications.
      • Prepare for Alumni Interviews.
      • Review application and essay prior to submission.
      • Guide and evaluate acceptance and award letters.
    • Support the FAFSA Application Process and Scholarship Search
      • Provide support filling out the FAFSA form.
      • Complete an exhaustive national, local and school specific scholarship search.
      • Assist in the College Financial Aid Repeal process if the situation dictates.



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