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     Gordon Sims

         Sr. Director – Planning, TransUnion Healthcare

Hi, I’m Gordon.

I’ve been fortunate in my career and have been able to work in 4 different industries, in large companies and small ones, and in a variety of functional areas.   The changes have always presented new learning opportunities to satisfy my curiosity and to adapt.  One learning has been that to be most effective and satisfied, it’s important to understand myself well enough to look for positions that fit both my interests and strongest skills.   That learning specifically hit home in one instance about mid-career in which I misjudged that fit!

Over the last few years I’ve been intrigued with the challenges people face in trying to find those good fit positions, particularly as the nature of work has been changing so rapidly.  We regularly hear about the difficulty many young people have finding meaningful work after they graduate from college, but many career changers face similar struggles when they decide they want to seek something new.   I have been researching how I might help people think through the process of self-reflection and exploration to find a new direction that is satisfying, likely to have longevity in our rapidly changing technology and world of work, and provides a nice income.

Not long ago I was talking about my interest with a friend and her reply was “You have to meet Mary and Laura!  They are working on those exact challenges.”  I quickly had an initial conversation with Mary and found that we are very much in synch.   And, voila!  I’m thrilled to be helping Mary and Laura with their extremely important mission.