How about a gap year? There are many misconceptions about these programs, here are some facts.

MYTH #1: Gappers take longer to graduate from college ( #1 misconception).

FACT: The average time to graduation for “gappers” is 4 years! The national average is 5+ years. By the way, the average cost of changing a major is $45K. Gappers change their majors less.

MYTH # 2: Their college GPA will suffer because they are out of the “rigor and discipline of school”.

FACT: Colleges are seeing gappers as more focused, motivated, mature and broader thinkers.  They have an expanded world-view and are more adaptable.

MYTH #3: It’s a full year and I could lose my spot in college.

FACT: Nope, gap programs can range from a few weeks to a full year or more. Most colleges will allow applicants to retain their spot and delay their start date (always check with the schools).

MYTH #4: It’s VERY expensive.

FACT: No need to break the bank. Gap year costs can range from zero to several thousand dollars. There are even options to ‘make’ money: non-profit grants, scholarships, corporate support, or ministries.

MYTH #5: Gappers are less apt to go to college.

FACT: 77% of gappers stated it helped them find their purpose in life and 59% said it helped  them determine what to study and were motivated to get their degrees.

Here’s a great source of information about gap years –