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“If we are lending money that ostensibly we don’t have to kids who have no hope of making it back in order to train them for jobs that clearly don’t exist, I might suggest that we’ve gone around the bend a little bit”  – Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

Degree and Career Match $299

Degree/Career Match Details:

You’ll walk-away with a reliable detailed report which links you to the SPECIFIC information for your optimal careers and the degrees to get you there.

Degree and Career Match will provide:

  • Degree/Career Matches you should consider based on your Thinking Style, Personality Traits and Interests.
  • Critical Behavior Identification which provides insight into how to recognize possible challenges you may face in your career.
  • Career Outlook: Is it a growing bright career or one becoming obsolete?
  • Average Career Salaries/Wages in your state or desired location(s).
  • Links to Career Repositories containing comprehensive information.

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    College Career Services Package $499

College Career Services Package includes:

  • Resume creation
  • Interview guidance and support
  • Salary negotiation
  • Social Media presence

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See what others are saying:

It gave me the peace of mind regarding the decisions I was making during the time when we were meeting (quitting my job, moving, etc.). It made me feel like “yeah, it will all be okay”. The most helpful part of our time together was the assessment, and more specifically the career linking aspect of it. Seeing the types of careers that people with similar results really broadened my idea pool for things that I would be good at.

Kirbi Olsen

Ultimately, I found the report really helpful and interesting. And I really valued you walking me through the results, I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of it if you had just sent me the results cold.

This will help tremendously when I’m looking for work after graduation. ALSO it was encouraging!!

Molly Horton

What do I do now?

This is what I want!!!

So many to choose from...

Being outside makes me happy.

I'm in the zone.

“70 percent of students in the United States take out a student loan, averaging over 30K”  – US News