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“As your own worst critic, it can be difficult for you to see where you truly shine because you are simply too close to connect the dots on your own” – Huffingtonpost

  Career Match $299

Career Match Details:

You’ll walk-away with a reliable detailed report which links you to the SPECIFIC web-based information for your suitable careers.



Career Match will provide:

  • Career and Degree/Training Matches you should consider based on your Thinking Style, Personality Traits and Interests.
  • Critical Behavior Identification which provides insight into how to recognize possible challenges you may face in your career.
  • Career Outlook: Is it a growing bright career or one becoming obsolete?
  • Average Career Salaries/Wages in your state or desired location(s).
  • Links to Career Repositories containing comprehensive information.

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   Career Transitioner Package $399

Career Transition Package:

  • Career Match Service
  • Resume Refresh

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See what others are saying:

Meeting helped me see similar threads in my work choices and made me feel empowered to hope about various careers, normalized my feelings, and made me feel less “stuck”

The assessment and debrief pointed me in directions that I would not have considered before. Also it pointed out some things about me that I am not sure I would have been able to identify before.

They created a safe space to process what felt like an extraordinary overwhelming, vulnerable and overall yucky process (job hunting I mean).

Allie Horton

I was dragging myself to work, looking for a silver lining, but was coming home depleted and exhausted.

The assessment was both eye-opening, and not-surprising at the same time. We all know what we love to do, and are passionate about, but until I took this assessment, I did not know how it exactly would play out in the real world. This assessment and the debrief opened up avenues I was not aware of, and put me into the correct role for my skill set.

Lissa Bricker

Live your passion.

It's time for a change.

Explore your next chapter.

A new career can be a different one!

I'm the boss!

My dream came true.

Time flies when you do what you love.

It doesn't have to be an office.

“Get knowledge support. The less you grapple with figuring out the answers, the more energy you’ll have to use them.”  – US News