Career Services

Resumes have changed

Nail the interview!

Know your worth.

Find a mentor and be one.

Control your performance review.

All of the following services are based on an hourly rate, contact us to discuss what is right for you.

 Career Management

We have deep and broad backgrounds to assist you in quickly meeting any of the challenges you face.

 Interview Guidance and Support

We will to help you walk into an interview prepared and ready to to make a good first impression.  We will support you through the interview process after your first interview.


We will to help you understand the importance of finding a mentor and prepare you to be a mentee.  We will help you be a great mentor.


Resumes have changed! We will help you create your resume(s) or review existing resumes which require updating for specific careers (jobs).

  Social Media Presence Review

We review your social media presence to ensure the correct persona is being reflected.


We design workshops which meet your specifications and needs for career development.

 Salary Negotiations

We will coach you to on techniques for negotiating a salary during the interview process and how to discuss your salary increases with management.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” Carlton Fisk

 Performance Reviews

It should be one of the most important and impactful events for employee & mangers, however, all too frequently, giving and receiving a performance review leave one or both dissatisfied. We can help!

As an employee, we show you how to leverage key criteria in your job role to provide clear visibility to your achievements and accomplishments.  We will also promote discovering tangible growth areas you require for the next career step.

As a manager, we give you straightforward guidance on creating objectives and evaluation criteria, assessing within teams, and ensuring your employees are receiving critical feedback to grow and develop.

We understand the process well and we will provide guidance for you as an employee or as a manager.